• ninaTotenberg_wide

    Nina Totenberg Narrates “Girl from Birch Creek”!

    Several weeks ago we recorded the narration for ‘”Girl from Birch Creek.”  We were thrilled that Nina Totenberg of National Public Radio agreed to read the narration; and she did a wonderful job, breathing even more energy into the documentary.  Thank you, Nina Totenberg, for doing such a great job!

  • emily_haddad_editing_girl_from_birch_creek

    Final Cut!!!

    Blog has moved. Redirecting… I’ve just finished a final cut of “Girl from Birch Creek.”  It’s 70 minutes long (excluding end credits) and the pacing and story are very close to what I have envisioned since the beginning of the project! I love the film, the story and the subject — my personal hero, Rosalie
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  • Emily Haddad and Rosalie Wahl

    The Making of “Girl from Birch Creek”

    This is the first post in Lightshed’s blog documenting the production of the feature-length documentary on the life and legacy of Rosalie Wahl, first woman on the Minnesota Supreme Court. Emily Haddad and Rosalie Wahl at Rosalie’s home in Lake Elmo.

She overcame hardship and tragedy to fight for civil rights, women’s rights and equal access to justice.